What we do

A solid and successful trajectory

We have over 40 years of experience dedicated to the development of the electronics industry in Brazil. In this period, countless strategic decisions led to the creation of one of the largest industrial parks in the country.




Founded by the Diomício Freitas Group, Intelbras began manufacturing PABX switchboards and telephones.



It launches the first PABX with exclusively national technology.



It focuses its operations on private enterprise and implements a new management philosophy.



It launches cordless telephones.



It expands its operations abroad.



It acquires Maxcom and enters the Network and Electronic Security sectors.



It opens plants in Manaus (AM) and São José (SC).



It acquires Automatiza and Engesul and enters the Access Control and Fire Prevention sectors.



It establishes strategic partnerships and enters the Energy and Solar Energy sectors.



It acquires metalworking company Décio and monitoring technology company Seventh. It begins IPO studies.


Number of SKUs

Security – 655

Access Control – 402

Networks – 131

Communication – 361

Energy – 117

Solar Energy – 91


Key opportunities



Solutions for large projects and DIY trends

Access Control

New markets to be explored and regional diversification


Advances in internet penetration and access and infrastructure improvements


Growth in the Home and Office segment and corporate solutions


New products and increased retail presence

Solar Energy

Ample room to grow: according to an article by SunVolt Energia Solar published in October 2020, the use of photovoltaic solar energy grows every year in the country and currently represents 1.6% of Brazil’s energy matrix (or 0.4% of the electricity bill), a percentage that shows there is still plenty of room for the sector to grow.


Operating segments


Our portfolio is always up-to-date, and we offer products that bring even more tranquility to users. High-technology equipment that enables several applications, be it in large apartment complexes or small homes.



With the features of Intelbras’ access control product line, it is easier to live with security and convenience. We offer solutions for fire detection and alarm projects; solutions for the management of people entering and exiting companies, apartment complexes and homes; and products for the management of access control information.



With high-quality advanced features, we offer solutions to organize, expand and manage networks with maximum efficiency. Our solutions enable high-quality fast connections, meeting the needs of internet providers, IT professionals and integrators; offer a stable and secure signal to transmit data and images in electronic surveillance projects; and provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi for companies, homes and digital cities.



We have development products and software that bring people closer and professionalize communication and service, providing reliability, mobility, savings on calls and increased efficiency.



Constant high-quality energy free of electrical disturbances is indispensable. Intelbras offers products that guarantee additional energy supply, as well as energy efficiency, such as power supplies, UPSs (Uninterrupted Power Supply), batteries, motion sensor lights and solar energy solutions.



We are perceived as a unique brand, given the national reach acquired thanks to our renowned quality products, as evidenced by the data below related to the Brazilian territory.


  • Presence in 98% of Brazilian municipalities with potential to consume home appliances.
  • NPS of 60.4%
  • 97% of consumers say the know the Intelbras brand
  • 71% of consumers have or have had Intelbras products


Despite the difficulties in penetrating a territory as large and full of peculiarities as Brazil, we highlight:

370+ distributors

25,000+ points of sale

80,000+ resellers

20+ years of relationship with distribution


Intelbras Itec training for partners

Important tool for building loyalty among distributors and sellers

  • 403,658 professionals trained in 2019-2020
  • 9,500 professionals trained in person per month
  • 11,700 professionals trained remotely per month
  • 96% customer satisfaction

Brand presence in several communication channels

Intelbras uses different communication channels to present itself to consumers, including social media and sports events.