Social Responsibility

We are proud to support several social initiatives, using all the funds authorized for projects approved by the Culture Incentive Law (Rouanet) or the Culture, Tourism and Sports Incentive Law of Santa Catarina State (ICMS). We use these funds to support social responsibility projects that benefit children, underprivileged minors and the environment. Check out some of them:

*For contribution and information, see the website or the contact address indicated in each project.

Associação Pró-Brejaru (Association for Brejaru)

We allocate funds to the Association for Brejaru, in the municipality of Palhoça, through the Fund for Childhood and Adolescence (FIA)

Our donation helps assist more than 180 children and adolescents at social risk through socio-educational and cultural activities, as well as tutoring.

These children and adolescents participate in capoeira, folk dance, craft, soccer, embroidery and costume jewelry workshops. They also attend vocational programs, including Manicure and Pedicure, and Digital Inclusion and Multimedia.

You too can help. Contact us at


Junior Achievement

We have been a founding and supporting member of Junior Achievement (JA) since its foundation, in 1999.

The partnership has benefitted students from several schools in Florianópolis and São José who rely on the support of the Company’s employees to learn in practice all the aspects related to the creation and maintenance of a business: planning, costs, marketing, production and lifecycle. Under the guidance of executives, participants design, develop, produce and sell their own products.

The Company also develops other programs, such as the “Shadow Entrepreneur”, in which students visit Intelbras’ facilities.

To join this program, access JA’s website and learn more about its activities:




We are very pleased to have supported the Florianópolis Chamber Orchestra, Camerata, for over 20 years (Camerata was founded in 1994).

Run by conductor Jeferson Della Rocca since its foundation, it is considered one of the most important cultural institutions in the state of Santa Catarina and has projects with different musical styles.

It has recorded twelve CDs and two DVDs, including A Arte do Improviso “In Jazz” and Rock`n Camerata – live, as well as soundtracks to institutional videos and the movie Ensaio, by Tânia Lamarca.

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Bem te quer Volunteer Program

Intelbras’ Bem te quer Volunteer Program was created in 2014 to bring together those who can help and those who need help. Each year, the program evolves, becomes stronger and attracts volunteers, who are driven by the desire to contribute to the community in general.

The program works with various groups, focusing on underprivileged children and senior citizens who live in nursing homes, donating time and equipment to improve their lives in some way.


Aproxima Program

Concerned about respect for differences, we have created the Aproxima (Get Closer) inclusion program, designed to turn our corporate environment into a place of opportunities and respect for diversity, thus strengthening the Company’s values and philosophy.


Young Apprentice

We support Young Apprentice, a project created by the federal government based on the Apprentice Law. The apprentice contract may last up to two years and, during this period, the young person receives theoretical training in the classroom and on-the-job training at Intelbras.

It is very common for those who are beginning their careers as young apprentices to want to do their best to learn as much as they can. Young people aged between 14 and 24 who participate in the program have the chance to see the Company’s day-to-day activities and learn a profession at the same time.


Virada Social

We are very proud to support Virada Social, a 24-hour event featuring social initiatives that is promoted by the NGO Cidade Com Carinho (City with Love). This event offers several free activities designed to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities with the support of sports and culture.

The event also includes a job fair, several activities and structures to receive musical performances and sports competitions, such as wheelchair basketball, handball and the Virada Social race.